What exactly is the Rapid Learning Institute?

The Rapid Learning® Institute is the only tactical skills training platform that drives behavior change through its trademarked Micro-First™ approach.

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How can RLI help you?

Unlike many other online platforms, we’re not just a content library. We provide the four critical components you need to launch and sustain an e-learning program:



Micro-training is different from traditional, old-school training methodologies. We’ll show you how to make it work.



Easy-to-deploy 5- to 7-minute micro-training videos respect your team’s time and include trainer’s guides, quizzes, summary sheets, action plans and more.



Our Micro-First™ Cycle is a proven roadmap for deploying and sustaining a micro-training initiative.



You get assessment tools, skills gap analysis, competency mapping, usage reporting and behavior-change tracking to justify your investment.

What types of skills training does RLI offer?


Leadership & Management

Employment Law Compliance

Many e-learning providers offer 10,000+ programs on every topic under the sun. We don’t. Our researchers, writers and distinguished thought leaders focus on Sales, Leadership and other related soft-skills areas where we have deep expertise – so you can be sure every program is on target, grounded in solid research and applicable on the job.

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What’s the science behind RLI?

RLI taps you into research from the world’s top behavioral scientists – at Harvard, Dartmouth, INSEAD, Stanford, UCLA, London School of Economics, UC Berkeley and more.

In 5- to 7-minutes videos, you get insights into the psychology of influence, persuasion and communication – the skills every manager, supervisor and sales professional needs to succeed.

More about the science
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  • ucla
  • insead
  • stanford
  • lse
  • berk

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Why do you need RLI?

Your people are busy.

It’s hard for your team to find time for skills development. They want and need it but they don’t have hours to spend sitting in a conference room. RLI’s “solutions-in-the-moment-of-need” rapid learning® approach solves that problem.

You’re busy, too.

The best learning initiatives in the world won’t get results if the person responsible can’t effectively manage the process. RLI gives you everything you need to launch and sustain an effective training program that delivers long-term value for your organization.

You realize the “same old” just ain’t gettin’ it done.

Traditional instructor-led courses deliver great content, but seldom lead to lasting results. Main reason: Managers can’t find time for training follow up. Rapid learning® makes follow-up easy – so you can be sure your people deploy their new skills on the job.

What will you get with RLI?


The power of science in a library of 5- to 7- minute videos.
Get access to libraries of time-saving videos that focus on a single research-based concept. New content is added every month so your library keeps growing.


Tools to test your knowledge.
Each learning video comes with a quiz, a summary sheet and an action plan. You’ll be able to test your team’s knowledge, keep the key concepts top of mind, and get your people to commit to the behavior changes that improve performance.


Learning paths to help your team close learning gaps.
With so many videos at your fingertips, it’s challenging to choose which ones will have the most impact. We’ll help you assess needs, identify each team member’s skill deficits, and create learning paths to help them close the gaps.


A dashboard to track progress.
Your dashboard will help you track the progress of your entire team. You’ll know exactly which skills they’ve mastered and pinpoint the areas where they still may need some help.

What are customers saying?

I would definitely recommend the Rapid Learning Institute. The brevity of the videos, the flexibility of the program, & the power of the content we have found to be really impactful.

We’ve experienced double digit growth over the past few years and part of that success we attribute to the addition of RLI to our training program.

The Rapid Learning modules were an easy sell for me. We use RLI for both team training and individual coaching. In our overall strategy, it is probably the most cost-effective piece of our training program.

The Rapid Learning Institute has become a part of our training... an essential part.

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