The magic of our Get Togethers™ Coaching Process

Our Get Togethers™ leader-led coaching process can drive the learning culture in your organization. Let us show you why single-concept micro-videos are perfect tools to help leaders conduct individual and group coaching sessions.

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Kickstart training with micro-videos

A proven way to make learning stick

A Get Together™ is a short, leader-led coaching event that kicks off with one of our 4- to 6-minutes videos and focuses on a single concept. Brief follow-up sessions allow participants to revisits the concept multiple times until your team achieves mastery.

Our blue-print for deploying Micro-First (PDF)

Building a culture of coaching

Leader-led coaching is a force multiplier

Leader-led coaching has always been the Holy Grail for building a learning culture. With Get Togethers™ it’s finally both possible and scalable. It arms your leaders with the tools and methodology to lead world-class individual or group coaching sessions – week after week, month after month.

Coaching doesn't have to be hard

Bite-size videos make it easy

Think of micro-videos as the X-Factor in Get Togethers™. They trigger the process by delivering a powerful insight in six minutes. The leader/coach then engages in discussion, role-play and performance feedback. It’s simple because you’re teaching one concept, to change one behavior, and achieve one desired outcome.

See our guide to on how Micro-Training makes coaching easier (PDF)

More than a video library

We provide tools you need to get it done

Each micro-video comes with a Facilitator’s Guide for our Get Togethers™ approach to training. It includes a discussion guide, summary sheet, quiz and personal action plan. As a coach, you’re armed with everything you need to be successful.

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