Science-based learning process

Why are our videos short, focused and easy to revisit? Because decades of research shows this approach fits the way humans learn

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Rapid Learning

Short is better. But how short?

Research shows that e-learning engagement drops quickly after 7 minutes. RLI videos are 5-7 minutes long. Which means people engage. Learn. And improve performance.

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Single-concept Learning

A less-is-more approach to learning

Say goodbye to cognitive overload. RLI’s videos focus on one concept, to change one behavior, and achieve one desired outcome. Think … training as the answer to a Google search

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Interval Reinforcement

Revisit learning... or lose it

We’ve known since Ebbinghaus’ research in 1885 that people forget learning if it’s not reinforced at spaced intervals. RLI’s programmatic Micro-FirstTM approach does just that

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Research Study - The Forgetting Curve

The importance of interval reinforcement

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See how learning retention is maximized when you revisit the learning content in spaced intervals? This is called interval reinforcement. Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered this important learning insight in 1885, yet we still see a lot of traditional classroom training sessions that lack follow-up. Our content is short and focused and is designed to be revisited until mastery is achieved.

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