Our Micro-Videos

Our micro-videos are a breakthrough in digital sales and leadership development. We’re pioneers at creating short, single-concept videos that deliver an “aha” on important, tactical sales and leadership skills.

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Face-paced motion graphics

You’ve never seen training like this before

No talking heads here. Our content uses custom-created illustrations that enhance the message and reinforce learning objectives. Our mission is to engage learners, give them visual hooks to help remember the message, and inspire urgency to deploy the learning.

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A 97% satisfaction rate

Learners actually like our training videos

Over the past decade we’ve surveyed tens of thousands of learners and are proud to boast a 97% satisfaction rating on our videos. But we also know we can’t rest on past success so we continually work to develop better and more engaging content that makes learning fun and effective.

More than just a library

We provide all the tools you need to get training done

You get more than just a collection of great videos. We also provide you with the tools to get training done in a more engaging and interactive way, including a discussion guide, quiz, summary sheet, and more for each of our videos.

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Scott Odom VP of Stragetic Accounts

Without that Rapid Learning Institute training video, the reps would never have come up with that idea. It led to $2 million in new sales.

Don Simons Head of Sales, GFK

I would definitely recommend the Rapid Learning Institute. The brevity of the videos, the flexibility of the program, & the power of the content we have found to be really impactful.

Carter Benjamin Executive VP, Wind-lock Corp

We’ve experienced double digit growth over the past few years and part of that success we attribute to the addition of RLI to our training program.

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