Facilitated Leadership Training Workshops

Combine our expert team of professional Leadership trainers with research-based micro-videos and you get a powerful new way to develop talent in your organization — single-concept “Interactive Mindset Sprints.” These fast-paced workshops use micro-videos to kick off 90-minute deep-dive explorations of key leadership challenges. The goal: Make leaders more effective by changing the self-limiting mindsets that may be holding them back.

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Shifting Mindsets

Why our mindsets are a breakthrough

Barriers to high performance are often rooted in “self-limiting mindsets” – that is, beliefs that prevent us from engaging in behaviors that lead to success. “Interactive Mindset Sprints” map our micro-video content to transformational “growth mindsets” that free us up to adopt behaviors and habits that boost performance. Our mindset library contains 36 different mindsets that are grounded in data from 120,000 coaching conversations conducted over a decade.

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Professional Trainers

Experienced facilitators drive experiential learning

Our coaches and facilitators have 160 hours of training on “mindset” coaching and have held executive-level positions during their careers. Your team will benefit from their expertise as leadership developers as well as the perspective they’ve gained by working with top organizations around the globe.

Our “Mindset Sprint” workshops aren’t about passive learning. During each session, participants actively engage in interactive discussions and role plays that personalize the training and bring it to life.

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Interactive Mindset Sprint Learning Journeys

A series of workshops that build related leadership skills

Journeys combine several “Mindset Sprint” workshops into an extended learning initiative, which allows you to go deep into a given topic area. Our Learning Solutions Experts identify your needs and help you create customized journeys aligned with your talent development goals.

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