Single-concept learning

Say goodbye to cognitive overload. Our facilitated workshops and fast-paced videos focus on one concept, to change one behavior, and achieve one desired outcome.

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1 concept, 1 behavior, 1 outcome

A less-is-more approach to learning

When you teach multiple learning concepts at once, knowledge retention is low. BTS Rapid Learning trains people the way the brain wants to learn — one skill at a time. The result: Strong engagement and high skills retention. People learn, practice and master a single skill before moving on the next one. That quickly translates into professional growth and improved performance on the job.

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Single-concept facilitated learning and micro-training

Attend our facilitated workshops to shift mindsets or utilize our micro-training and coaching tools. Either way, our single-concept training methodology will vastly increase learning engagement and knowledge transfer to the job.

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Scott Odom VP of Stragetic Accounts

Without that Rapid Learning Institute training video, the reps would never have come up with that idea. It led to $2 million in new sales.

Don Simons Head of Sales, GFK

I would definitely recommend the Rapid Learning Institute. The brevity of the videos, the flexibility of the program, & the power of the content we have found to be really impactful.

Carter Benjamin Executive VP, Wind-lock Corp

We’ve experienced double digit growth over the past few years and part of that success we attribute to the addition of RLI to our training program.

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