10 commandments of sales

You need to be flexible in sales. The better you adapt your behavior to the situation, the more success you’ll enjoy. But there are certain rules you can’t break, if you want to avoid missed deals, dings to your reputation and/or dismaying setbacks. Here are 10 of those rules – let’s call them the “10…

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A different kind of sales script

Say “sales script” to most salespeople and watch their eyes roll. Everyone associates “script” with the singsong voice of a bored telemarketer trying to sell you something while you’re trying to make dinner. But there’s a different kind of sales script. It’s called a “cognitive” script, and studies show that it can be an enormously…


Wholesale Distributor Gets 8.5% Spike in New Accounts Using Micro-Training

Wholesale distributor Kaeser Compressors needed to prospect more effectively and increase new accounts. For years it used a sales training consultant who conducted traditional classroom-style training. Matt McCorkle, Manager of Branch Operations, acknowledged that the training had value, but was frustrated that new account acquisition remained flat. So he pivoted, implementing a new sales training…


10 Proven Tactics to Shorten Your Sales Cycles

Everyone dreams of scoring the big win, that’s only half the equation. Sales velocity – how many deals you close in a month, quarter or year – is just as important. And it’s easier for salespeople to influence velocity than deal size – because it’s often the salesperson who’s gumming up the works. Here are…


5 proven steps for hiring top sales talent

The thing about hiring salespeople is that they’re going to try to sell you on themselves, because selling is what they do. And that’s fine, as long as they really have what it takes. But how can you know if you’re seeing mere style covering little substance? Try using this checklist in your next candidate…


Begin sales meetings with a BANG!

Salespeople need to grab buyers’ attention immediately, or lose their interest. Similarly, when you run a sales meeting you need to seize your team’s attention right off the bat. Here are five ways to do that, and have people learn something valuable along the way…


5 ways to shake up your sales meetings

Maybe you’re tired of sales meetings where people yawn or check their phones, obviously impatient for it to be over. If you’re looking for some stimulating, non-gimmicky techniques that will wake up your sales meeting participants, and teach them useful skills into the bargain, look no further.


3 Role-Play Myths that Trip up Sales Teams

You’ve probably done some role-playing at sales meetings. You know, one rep plays a customer making objections or stalling on a buying decision, and another the salesperson, trying to react and move the sale forward. But chances are, you may not have gotten the most out of the exercise. Three common myths about role-playing may…


RLI program drives $2 million in new sales and increases pipeline by 48%

Scott Odom, VP of Strategic Accounts at Clover Imaging Group in Düsseldorf, Germany, deployed the RLI Selling Essentials online sales program in Clover’s European operation. Within three months his team made two sales totaling $2 million that he directly attributes to a concept learned in an RLI video on prospecting. An idea from another video…

Sales IQ Test

Sales IQ Test…

This ebook presents 10 sales questions to test your experience and instincts, so you can see how well they align with the latest science.


10 Research-Based Sales Concepts:

This ebook is grounded in research, each concept takes an insight from sales research, psychology or interpersonal communication and demonstrates how to successfully apply it to sales.


5 Truths About Sales…

When it comes to sales, there are a lot of misconceptions. This e-book reveals the truth about five commonly-held but inaccurate beliefs about sales, with advice on how to apply the truth.


The Future of Sales Training:

What emerging trends will determine the future of sales training? This e-book explores the concepts and practices that will impact sales training and development for years to come. This is a must-have resource for sales trainers & managers committed to staying ahead of the curve.