10 commandments of sales

You need to be flexible in sales. The better you adapt your behavior to the situation, the more success you’ll enjoy. But there are certain rules you can’t break, if you want to avoid missed deals, dings to your reputation and/or dismaying setbacks. Here are 10 of those rules – let’s call them the “10…

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5 proven steps for hiring top sales talent

The thing about hiring salespeople is that they’re going to try to sell you on themselves, because selling is what they do. And that’s fine, as long as they really have what it takes. But how can you know if you’re seeing mere style covering little substance? Try using this checklist in your next candidate…


Tough Negotiations: How to Hold Your Ground With a Price Bully

We’ve all faced customers and prospects that pride themselves on how hard they can squeeze their vendors. But this approach only works when you let them get away with it. The secret is taking control of the negotiation so that customers see that you won’t be pushed around.   In this Quick Take, you will…