3 Powerful Concepts Behind Our Rapid Learning® Programs

The Rapid Learning Difference

Research-based content

“It’s not just me saying it. It’s Harvard or Stanford”

Leader credibility soars when directives are backed by science. Our content is grounded in institutional and academic research on the on the science of influence and persuasion.

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Specialization in Sales & Leadership

Jack of all training? No, masters at sales & leadership

Most learning providers try to include every topic under the sun. We don’t. We’d rather be experts on Sales and Leadership training. Instead of digging through thousands of videos in a hundred different training categories – we’ve got a curated list of relevant and important sales and leadership topics.

Fast-paced motion graphics

You’ve never seen training like this before.

No talking heads here. Our content uses original illustrations that enhance the message and reinforce learning goals. Our mission is to engage learners and inspire urgency to deploy the learning.

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Science-based learning process

Content designed for the way learners learn

Our content is short and focused – designed in the way we’re used to learning. Short format videos on focused, singular topics are similar to the youtube learning format we’ve all grown accustomed to.

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a 97% satisfaction rate

Learners actually like our training videos

We have a survey at the end of our video modules. We read every response and are always working to create better and more engaging content. It shows, as we’ve recently acquired a cumulative satisfaction rate of 97% from learners.

Methodology for building training initiatives

We’re far more than just a video library

Unlike many soft-skills e-learning providers, we don’t merely offer a library of micro-videos intended for self-directed learning. We provide a proven methodology for deploying micro-training successfully. We include expert consulting on how to create a successful micro-training initiative.

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Get a demo of all our training features

Connect with an expert for a one-on-one demonstration of how Rapid Learning can help develop your team.

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