Your prospects are afraid of you
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Your prospects are afraid of you

Peggy, your prospect, is frightened. She’s frightened of you. Your company. Your product. Your service.

She’s frightened because choosing you may hurt her reputation, her career, her livelihood, her pocketbook.

Or because she might create more problems for herself, not fewer.

She’s frightened because the only thing you can offer her is a promise.

Often, she is so fearful that she does not buy at all, even if she desperately needs what you are selling and even though you are the best company she could choose.

She is your typical prospect.

Taming the beast
Before you can sell to Peggy, you have to help her face down her fears about you.

You’ll probably need to do it more than once during the sales process. Each stage requires a greater commitment on her part – which creates new fears.

To defuse fears, treat them as a normal part of the process:

“Peggy, this is a big decision, and if you’re like most buyers, you probably have some concerns. What are you worried about most?”

Also, look for ways to reduce the buyer’s perceived risk. For example, if you’re selling services, ask for a small project – something your prospect won’t have to worry about, but big enough to let you shine.

In addition to formal warranties that your company provides, look for other ways to provide peace of mind, such as testimonials from other customers who took the leap.

Finally, reinforce the risks of not acting. Peggy’s also afraid of not getting the job done. Counterbalance that against the fear of action.

From “Selling the Invisible,” by Harry Beckwith. Info:

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