Half of recent hires are having second thoughts about their new employers, according to a new survey, and a sketchy hiring process is often to blame.

The survey, by talent management firm Development Dimensions International (DDI), contacted 2,000 employees in 28 countries who were hired during 2012. Fully 49% said they weren’t sure they’d made the right choice.

Painting them a picture
A big reason for this uncertainty: Hiring managers failed to paint a clear picture of the job, the newbie’s new team, and the organization as a whole. Result: Once the new people had been in the position for a few weeks or months, they began to feel that the job they were doing wasn’t the job they were told they’d be doing.

Of course, recent hires who feel that way are more likely to quit, leaving their employer to repeat the whole recruiting and hiring process within months.

Be realistic
So what can you do to avoid this unsatisfactory state of affairs?

DDI suggests that hiring managers and HR make sure candidates are told – or preferably shown – what the job will be like one week, two months and six months in. The more realistic the picture, the more likely the person you choose won’t suffer “buyer’s remorse.”

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