The secret to sales success: Shut up and listen
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The secret to sales success: Shut up and listen

A top closer is an expert at asking questions, layering those questions, and probing for more, says sales trainer Mike Brooks. These closers can do all that because they develop the ability to shut up and listen.

The best salespeople never assume they have the whole story. They wait for the prospect to finish, and then listen some more.

Here are five statements you can begin using today that are designed to keep dialogue moving:

#1 “Tell me more”
Simple, eh? Yes, but hard to do. 80% of your competition prefers to pitch, but that’s counterproductive. “Tell me more” encourages prospects to keep sharing.

#2 “Go on”
After a prospect appears done, say, “Go on.” They’ll often continue their train of thought, revealing even more.

#3 “What happens next?”
This is a great question to use to find out more about the company’s decision-making process.

#4 “What would you ideally like to have happen?”
The question will help you discover a prospect’s buying motives.

#5 “Oh?”
This open-ended word can get your prospect to reveal much more than you might think.

There you have it. Five simple ways to keep your prospect talking. Start using them to keep yourself from butting in!

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