We put the old Dog out. But we have some new tricks
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We put the old Dog out. But we have some new tricks

Dear Subscriber:

As a loyal follower of Top Sales Dog, you’ll notice some significant changes in our blog.

Perhaps the most obvious change – an especially poignant for me – is that we’re retiring the “Top Sales Dog” name. As the first editor of the blog, which launched in 2010, I’ve always had a soft spot for our pugnacious mascot. And I’ve tried to live up to his spirit by keeping the blog focused on real-world sales issues (and occasionally offering some tough love).

As our business evolved, so did the blog. We began to focus not just on sales techniques, but also on sales management topics, especially those related to coaching and sales training. And so, with the launch of our new Website, we’ve renamed the blog to, simply, the RLI Sales Blog. Our goal is simple: to advance the art of sales and sales management.

At the same time, we’ve redesigned it to make it more user-friendly, especially when you’re viewing it on a mobile device.

We also wanted to align the blog with what is now our primary business. Our mission is to help build better organizations through better training. Specifically, we help organizations design and execute training programs built around our growing library of Quick Take microlearning modules. And because we recognize that there are fewer and fewer sharp lines separating high-level business skills such as sales, leadership, talent development and coaching, we’ve consolidated all of our blogs under one umbrella.

Which means that you will now find it easier to access useful content across different areas of interest. For example, if you’ve been a long-time subscriber to Top Sales Dog, you may have missed the great research-based posts on our sister blogs, HR Café and Training & Development Insights. Now that they’ve become the RLI Leadership Blog and Rapid Learning Insights, it’s easier to access that content as well. If you haven’t done so yet, I encourage you to check them out.

We thank you for your continued loyalty and, as always, invite your comments and feedback. You can use the comments section, or if you’d like to reach out to me personally, you can email me at mboyette@rapidlearninginstitute.com

Michael Boyette

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