Hiring zombies: How it can really cost you
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Hiring zombies: How it can really cost you

You’ve heard us talk about the damage that a bad hire can cause in your organization. You’ve seen endless articles about how hiring a poor job candidate can bring productivity to a grinding halt, how it can send employee morale crashing down, and how it can reflect poorly on you as a manager.

But those factors can be hard to quantify. How much does hiring a zombie employee, someone ill-qualified and doomed to fail at the tasks assigned, actually cost? The folks at creative staffing organization Vitamin T did some calculations, and came up with the infographic you see below.

Hiring zombies

There you have it. Look, we know that there can be some urgency behind filling a position. But don’t let that urgency cost you tens of thousands of dollars as a result of hiring the first seemingly qualified person to walk through the door. Do your homework. Drill down. And please, for all of our sakes, leave the zombies in the horror movies and away from the workplace.

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