It’s becoming critically important to set yourself apart from the average Joe Salesperson, so that you and your solutions don’t become commodities.

Here are two ways you can step up into the category of valued resource in your customers’ and prospects’ minds:

1. Dig deeper in research. Much of the material we present to clients isn’t tailored to the customer. Sure, it appears convincing, and supports your company’s competitive position.

But consider what would happen if you presented your data, and then said: “I did some more research, to ensure that what I am giving you is right for you. And here’s what I uncovered.”

2. Walk in your customers’ moccasins. Find out how prospects and customers are positioned in their own markets. Perhaps they are stuck in their own status quo. The more you learn about what they’re up against, the better you will be at aligning your offerings to get them out of their self-imposed gridlock. Your solutions become strategic, rather than tactical – and you’re transformed into a “go-to” resource.

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