Buyers in many industries listen to multiple sales pitches a day. No wonder they can come off as jaded, bored, impatient or intimidating. To break through these barriers, consider using what some are calling the S.A.L.T. method:

  • Slow down. When you are nervous (in front of an impatient or intimidating stranger) you talk fast. That comes across as a lack of confidence, and to compensate you may talk even faster. Not good.
  • Ask questions. If a buyer tells you to pitch, don’t do it. That shifts the power to them, while they sit with arms folded waiting to be impressed. Ask a couple of framing questions instead, as an opening gambit. That will shift the power to you and turn the meeting into a conversation.
  • Laugh. Forget about nervous giggling. Look for something they say that is funny and laugh. That will relax everyone; a stiff style does not build confidence in you.
  • Talk less. Sure, you need to present your credentials and communicate value. But move past that quickly to get prospects talking about their issues and challenges.
  • Source: Tom Searcy,

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