You can’t read much about business or sales techniques these days without hearing about the need to have a “process.”

Is it important? Yes. But 100% critical? Not really. Success in sales or business is far more than just turning knobs or pushing the right buttons.

Sales blogger Paul McCord cites three familiar examples: McDonalds, Disney and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). In each case a repeatable formula helped, but wasn’t the ingredient that gave those companies explosive growth.

If Ray Kroc hadn’t had the passion to demand success, there wouldn’t be a McDonalds. Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto didn’t create Disney. Disney was more a creation of Walt Disney’s drive and passion than Mickey’s popularity.

Likewise, KFC’s success isn’t due to a formula but to a man who believed passionately in his product and, despite being retired and broke, hit the road to sell his chicken formula to cafes and restaurants across the country.

By all means, find a predictable and effective process; it will help you make sales. But if you want success, marry that process to deep, heartfelt passion and drive. Whether we like it or not, success isn’t mechanical; success is nothing more than the outward expression of one’s passion, drive and vision.


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