Anxious about that presentation? Reframe it as excitement

Mike Boyette

“There are only two types of speakers in the world: 1) the nervous, and 2) liars.” That’s what Mark Twain said about stage fright, and he should know. The celebrated author was also one of the most renowned public speakers of his era, circumnavigating the globe to deliver humorous lectures as far away as Australia,…

A different kind of sales script

Michael Boyette

Say “sales script” to most salespeople and watch their eyes roll. But one type of sales script, and studies show that it can be an enormously effective training tool, especially for new hires. Read on to learn what it is.

Obviously, prospects are free to buy or not, but it helps to tell them so

Mike Boyette

What if I told you that a great way to get people to buy from you … is to tell them they don’t have to buy from you? Huh? Sounds bassackwards. But it’s true. This counter-intuitive idea comes from research done by two French academics. They recruited four young people — two men and two…

10 meeting tips to excite people who don’t get excited about meetings

Mike Boyette

If you were the manager of a non-Sales department, you might find that some people don’t mind attending a meeting even if it doesn’t get much done. After all, it represents time away from the grindstone, a chance to relax and even — if they’re at the back of the room or the lights are out…

Goal-setting for Sales: It’s not just about quotas and $ targets

Mike Boyette

If I said, “Most salespeople aren’t very good at setting or working to goals,” you’d probably think I was crazy. Of all the professions in the world, sales is one of the most numbers- and goal-driven. EVERY rep has some kind of target or quota to aim for — often with bonuses for achieving it…

How much does sales compensation matter?

Mike Boyette

As a sales manager, you try hard to excel. You provide timely training for your people, you make sure they have the tools they need, you motivate them with demanding but realistic goals, and you do your best to coach them through sales slumps. Having done all that, surely you’ve earned maximum esteem from your…

Are you a seller or a leader? Maybe it’s not an either/or

Mike Boyette

Generally speaking, salespeople aren’t trained to think of themselves as leaders as they go about the practice of their craft. Sure, some salespeople exhibit more leadership qualities than others. When you’re trying to figure out how to approach a specific sales challenge, though, you probably don’t think about it as a leadership issue. But what…

Tired of prospect no-shows? Try these 5 techniques

Mike Boyette

Ever been stood up by a prospect? Of course you have. All too often, new prospects don’t pick up the phone when you call back for that initial substantive discussion, even though both of you agreed quite cordially on an exact time and date when you first spoke. A good thing to remember is that…

Buyers experiencing remorse need a Dr. Feelgood ― you

Mike Boyette

You’ve heard the classic wisdom about avoiding buyer’s remorse: Build trust, inculcate value before the sale, so that afterward, the buyer won’t turn around and wonder whether he’s made the right choice, after all. But that’s not enough to defang buyer’s remorse (which, appropriately, comes from the Latin for “bite back”). In fact, scientific research…