Leadership Multipliers Simulation

Why do some leaders diminish intelligence while others make the people around them smarter? Multipliers are “genius makers” who bring out the intelligence in others. They build collective, viral intelligence in organizations. They inspire people to stretch themselves to deliver results that surpass expectations.

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The Multipliers Simulation

What is it?

The Multipliers Simulation Workshop is a powerful experience that helps participants understand the Multipliers mindset and behaviors within the context of real-life business challenges.

Through simulation, discussion, activities and experiments, participants identify their own multiplying and diminishing behaviors, and learn how to best multiply the talent of their team in order to drive long-term business value.

Two types of leaders

Diminishers vs. Multipliers

Diminishers and Multipliers do many things the same – but five things very differently. These differences are driven by how they see the world. Diminishers believe that they need to figure things out for their people. Multipliers believe people are smart enough to figure things out for themselves.

No surprise, Diminishers and Multipliers get vastly different results from the people around them.

The bottom line: Research shows that Diminishers get about 48% of people’s intelligence, while Multipliers get 95%.

Workshop Objectives

Leading as a Multiplier

Develop a Multiplier Mindset

  • Become aware of how you view your role as a leader.
  • Evaluate your mindset.
  • Recognize the trade-offs in leading as a Multiplier.

Avoid Potential Diminisher Moments

  • Recognize moments that trigger diminisher tendencies.
  • Consider your options in those moments.
  • Use work-arounds to avoid potential diminisher behaviors.

Create Multiplier Moments

  • Find ways to access and utilize people’s intelligence.
  • Actively create moments to multiply your team.
  • Practice using the Multiplier experiments and tools.

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