Deliver powerful sales training in just 6 to 10 minutes

Introducing the Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center — an affordable online training system that makes sales skills training faster, easier and more effective.

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Spend less time training and more time selling
with 6- to 10-minute training programs

At the heart of the Rapid Learning Center is a collection of 70+ laser-focused 6- to 10-minute training programs called Quick Takes:

  • Sales people love them because they don’t take much time to watch — and because adults learn best when information is delivered in thin, "single-concept" slices.
  • Sales Managers love them because they are convenient, easy-to-deploy and perfect for kicking off sales meetings and training sessions.

Ready-to-use tools for sales meetings & coaching sessions

It’s hard for busy sales managers to find the time to develop a sales training plan and create materials for each group meeting or individual coaching session. That’s where Selling Essentials comes in.

Each program in the extensive online library is accompanied by materials sales training leaders can use to conduct more effective meetings and coaching sessions.

Included in each Quick Take tool kit:

  • Trainer's Guide
  • Discussion Questions
  • Online Quiz
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Summary Sheet
  • Handouts
Carter Benjamin

"We’ve completed over 50 modules already and viewed over 3,600 pages of material. I’m sold on the Rapid Learning Institute! We don’t have to come up with all the ideas for training. The learning center gives us a wide variety of subjects to choose from and the framework of the training class is created and ready to use."

Carter Benjamin, Executive VP, Wind-lock

Instant trial access to 70+ sales training lessons!

Train anytime, from anywhere

24/7 Online Training Platform

It would be great if you could easily assemble all of your reps for regular training, but sales teams are often scattered across the state or country and working on different schedules.

Selling Essentials online training platform makes it easy. It empowers your sales team by giving them access to a library of sales tips, tactics and techniques they can use anytime, from anywhere.

Bill Owen

"We’re a geographically dispersed team and don’t have the luxury of gathering people together in a meeting around the table every week. The Rapid Learning Institute allows us to overcome some of those training challenges."

Bill Owen, Intl. Biz Dev, OPEX Corp.

Automated system to assign, train and track progress

RLI’s training management system allows you to:

  • SELECT the training program that fits each sales rep’s exact development needs
  • DEPLOY training to your team or an individual with a few clicks of the mouse
  • TRACK progress to confirm your reps complete required training
  • ENGAGE your team with automated email messages that provide guidance on critical selling skills

Instant trial access to 70+ sales training lessons!

Sales skills training on-demand

David Dillman

"The easy to use features have helped us promote online learning to our people. Our sales reps like to stay in the field but they also want to continue to learn. Plus, RLI’s online training is a great way to reduce training costs."

David Dillman, E-learning Mgr, Smiths Medical

Instant trial access to 70+ sales training lessons!


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