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Most of your reps hate prospecting, right? And since they’re salespeople, they’ve got some pretty convincing reasons why:

“I ought to be spending my time closing business. Not chasing lost causes.”
“My first responsibility is to our existing customers.”
“My pipeline is already full.”
“Prospecting is why we have a marketing department.”

Here’s the truth: Prospecting is like eating your vegetables. If you want your sales team to get big and strong, they’ve got to do it.

As a sales manager, you know that prospecting is critical to keeping business in your team’s pipeline. You also know that the time to start prospecting is NOT when the pipeline dries up.

But knowing something is one thing. Getting it done is another.

In this webinar best-selling author and world-renowned sales trainer Mark Hunter will share insights from his book High-profit Prospecting. He’ll take you step-by-step through the questions you need to start asking today to build a methodical, focused, and disciplined prospecting program.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The top lies you’ve heard, and maybe tell yourself, about prospecting
  • Why prospecting programs so often fail, and how to make them succeed
  • How to make prospecting second-nature to your sales team
  • The key tactics you need to apply to keep your pipeline full and your numbers up

Please join us for this webinar to learn how you and your team find the strategy behind confident prospecting and a more powerful pipeline.


Mark Hunter

Keynote Speaker & Sales Consultant

Mark Hunter is "The Sales Hunter," bestselling author of High-Profit Selling. A firm believer that the success of any company depends upon the success of its sales team, Mark is a globally recognized sales trainer and keynote speaker who has helped companies as diverse as Samsung, Heineken, BP, and Mattel win the sale without compromising on price. Prior to founding The Sales Hunter, Mark held sales leadership positions with ConAgra Foods, Kraft, and Pillsbury. His latest book is called High-Profit Prospecting.

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