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Thu, Jul 13th, 2023 | 2pm ET

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It doesn’t take much to turn a strong prospect into a lost opportunity.

Today’s buyers are fiercely protective of their time. If your message or sales approach misses even a little, they’re quick to kill the conversation and send you on your way.

Smart sellers will tell you they’re careful to avoid the most common mistakes that undermine opportunities, but research says that because of the way our brains work, they make them anyway — often without even knowing it.

The good news: Research also provides direction on how to side-step the little mistakes that turn into big losses. And that’s why we’re hosting this free upcoming webinar — Sales Deal-Killers: 4 Mistakes Your Salespeople May Think They’re Not Making. Join us for this engaging session where you’ll walk away with actionable insights on the little things your sales team can do (or not do) to make a big difference in their sales.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What buyers really want you to talk about vs. what most salespeople actually talk about
  • How our unconscious minds prevent us from discovering all we should about buyers
  • Why the people we think will help us get the sale may be quick to throw us under the bus
  • What Harvard research says about a fundamental human drive that turns buyers off
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