Here are the facts about leadership development: According to a nationwide survey, 92% of HR professionals said they want to do more to create a stronger culture of leadership development. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, a whopping 88% say they don’t give leadership training and development the attention it deserves.

That means most organizations are relying on untrained or under-trained leaders to run the show.

So if nearly every HR professional wants to strengthen and improve leadership training, why doesn’t it happen?  This webinar addresses the top five leadership development challenges and offers practical ways to overcome them. It details how you can make time for training, run effective training sessions, monitor learners’ progress – and follow up on training after it’s delivered.

Join us for a free VIP tour of the Leadership & Management Rapid Learning Center and discover how to get it all done. You’ll learn about a proven online system that gives you both the tools and the methodology you need to become more effective at developing leaders in your organization.



Brian McCallum

VP of Marketing RLI

Prior to joining RLI, Brian was Publisher & COO for DealersEdge, a publishing, training and talent development company serving the auto dealer market. Before that he was Publisher & GM for a division of Financial Times Professional Inc. which developed and marketed management training videos, learning guides and newsletters. He has also worked as an Account Executive and creative development leader for several Philadelphia-area advertising and corporate communications agencies. He holds a BA from Juniata College and an MA in Corporate Communications from Rowan University.

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