It’s no secret that in the past we’ve seen a big gap between the high expectations we had about e-learning and the disappointing reality of what we actually got. To put it bluntly, most e-learning programs have seen very poor utilization and users simply don’t like them.

The reason: A majority of current e-learning relies on “legacy” instructional design principles that simply don’t work for today’s learners.

The good news is that things are changing. A “New E-learning” model is emerging and we’re very close to a tipping point that will revitalize technology enabled learning.

This presentation paints a picture of The New E-learning and gives some very specific, prescriptive suggestions for how to get where we want to go – and specific suggestions on what not to do.


Stephen J. Meyer

Founder & CEO, RLI

Stephen Meyer is CEO of the Rapid Learning Institute (RLI), which provides bite-size e-learning to companies, nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies. Prior to starting RLI and its parent company Business 21 Publishing in 2002, Meyer was the Director of Publishing at The Hay Group, a leading HR, benefits and compensation consulting firm. At RLI he developed the model for six- to 10-minute “Quick Take” rapid learning modules. Meyer received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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