Let us help you exceed your talent development goals this year. In this exclusive presentation for RLI customers only, we’ll walk you through The Big Four Trends that are now rocking the world of corporate learning. And we’ll show you how some of our flagship customers are tapping into these trends and deploying RLI’s programmatic approach in new and exciting ways.

Talent development is changing dramatically in response to the demands of the Millennial workforce and the frustration organizations have experienced with legacy training models. We’re all over these trends, studying them and figuring out ways to improve two things:

  • Our product offering (we’ve recently made some momentous changes and have more to come)
  • Our ability to help our customers maximize their investment in micro-training (our new Customer Success Management team is now up to speed and ready to help)


 The Big Four trends are:

  • Micro-FirstTM
    We’ll describe our proprietary approach to designing learning initiatives, one that flips legacy training models on their heads.
  • Facilitator-Led Training (FLT)
    Yes, that’s a play on legacy Instructor-led Training (ILT) and it’s a game-changer for organizations that have mastered it.
  • Personalized Learning (aka “adaptive learning”)
    very simple way to design customized learning paths using RLI’s new Behavior Change Assessment Tool (RLI-BCAT).
  • Tracking behavior change
    Most organizations have given up trying to map training directly to business results (because it’s nearly impossible). An effective alternative is identifying skill gaps and then tracking progress toward narrowing those gaps. We’ll show you how the RLI-BCAT allows you to do it.

Join us. Learn how you can align your training efforts with these trends and create the learning culture you’ve always dreamed of.


Stephen J. Meyer

Founder & CEO, RLI

Stephen Meyer is CEO of the Rapid Learning Institute (RLI), which provides bite-size e-learning to companies, nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies. Prior to starting RLI and its parent company Business 21 Publishing in 2002, Meyer was the Director of Publishing at The Hay Group, a leading HR, benefits and compensation consulting firm. At RLI he developed the model for six- to 10-minute “Quick Take” rapid learning modules. Meyer received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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