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Micro-Virtual Professional (MVP) Coaching

A research-driven blended learning solution that combines micro-training and virtual coaching

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Micro-training videos plus virtual professional coaching

Micro-Virtual Professional coaching is a next-generation blended learning solution that combines Rapid Learning’s micro-videos with highly personalized virtual coaching in an exciting new way that increases knowledge retention, sustainable change and ROI.

And because the videos can be viewed online anywhere and anytime, and the coaching is virtual, you can develop your people whether they’re in the office or working from home.

A Powerful Combination for Team or Individual Training:

  • Micro-videos that target specific behaviors
  • Professional virtual coaching sessions that address the underlying “mindsets” that drive behavior
  • Access to a comprehensive online library of micro-videos to supplement coaching sessions and provide additional learning content in the moment of need

It’s time for virtual learning to be a part of your employee development program. If you’re interested in learning more, simply complete and submit the form and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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