University Instructor Uses RLI Selling Essentials as a Prime Educational Tool

Chet Trybus is an old hand at the sales and marketing game.

He’s been a marketing executive for Xerox, a strategic account exec for SunGard and a sales consultant for CSC among other assignments. Over the course of a nearly 40-year career, he’s acquired a pretty good idea of what works in the field.

Now, Trybus is imparting some of that knowledge to young people as a marketing instructor at the College of Business at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, teaching courses in professional and advanced selling and sales management.

And in those classes, he’s introduced his students a new and innovative teaching tool – Rapid Learning Institute’s Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center. Trybus says he’s found that the online training platform is ideal for today’s often- distracted full-time learner – be they college students or working sales professionals.

“Selling Essentials is a valid, current day, how-to methodology. Millennials are really kind of a short memory population and they say they like it because it’s short and to the point. It seems to ring a bell for them.”

Trybus believes part of the reason the program rings that “bell” is the brevity of its presentations. Selling Essentials is composed of a series of six-to-ten-minute modules called Quick Takes, each of which deals with a single specific sales solution. Subjects include “How to Nail the First 20 Seconds of a Cold Call;” “Turning Objections Into Objectives;” and “How to Shorten Your Sales Cycles,” among many others. The viewer watches a short, narrated program to discover why a particular business problem occurs and how to best deal with it, step by step.

“My students don’t yet realize that selling is a process – and every process has a methodology behind it,” says Trybus. “This program compliments that. The applications are very ‘real world.’ It puts ‘the frosting on the cake,’ if you will, for the subject matter I’m trying to cover.”

One of the platform’s advantages says Trybus, is the way in which reinforcing materials such as quizzes and discussion guides are built directly into the Selling Essentials architecture. This ongoing, periodic reinforcement makes it easier for his students to remember what they’ve learned.

“The fact that RLI comes out with updates on a regular basis is critical. Even though you’ve got a library of material you can draw from, I think constantly bringing in up-to-date stuff is important – especially when you ‘re able to go back and say, ‘what does the research show us today,’ to reflect what is changing in the marketplace.”

Chet Trybus says several recent graduates have reported that they use Selling Essentials in their new jobs to solve problems and learn new methods; and that it’s proved to be a competitive advantage in the working world.

“Selling Essentials works,” says Trybus. “It helps me achieve my stated learning outcomes. I plan to use it again and again and again.”

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) provides online training and talent development tools for businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and educational institutions in the areas of sales, human resources, management, leadership and safety. RLI’s approach is founded on the idea that talent development can only be effective if managers make it a priority and follow up to ensure that learning sticks. The company’s signature five to 10 minute modules, called Quick Takes, help managers build their core competency as talent developers by giving them the tools they need to replicate in others the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that drive performance.

Based in Greater Philadelphia, RLI is an operating division of Business 21 Publishing, LLC

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