Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) is proud to announce the launch of its new Education Leadership and Administration Rapid Learning Center.

The web-based training center is designed to help leadership teams in universities, colleges and K-12 private schools improve their management skills and knowledge of employment law compliance issues.

School Office Services (SOS), a Dallas-based company that provides HR resources for independent and private schools teamed with RLI to design the program’s unique curriculum.

“I believe this is the most innovative product in education management training on the market today,” says Bill Rollings, SOS President. “People in education often don’t see themselves as managers and may not have had any management training at all. SOS teamed up with RLI to create a series of Quick Take Rapid Learning Modules, which are each around 10 minutes long, which help leaders in educational institutions to learn critical management skills. We’re really excited to be a part of this venture. We think delivering learning in small “chunks” represents the future of management training for educators.”

“Traditionally, the education community hasn’t enjoyed all the advantages of leadership training and development,” says Glenn Eckard, RLI Chief Operating Officer. “They concentrate on the academic side and rightly so – but often that leaves the business and HR side to take care of itself – and unfortunately, it usually doesn’t. Our Education Center is designed to bring solid business leadership practices to the academic setting. By partnering with SOS, we’re able to blend our content and delivery system with the expertise of the best academic HR training company in the country. ”

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) provides online training and talent development tools for businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and educational institutions in the areas of sales, human resources, management, leadership and safety. RLI’s approach is founded on the idea that talent development can only be effective if managers make it a priority and follow up to ensure that learning sticks. The company’s signature five to 10 minute modules, called Quick Takes, help managers build their core competency as talent developers by giving them the tools they need to replicate in others the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that drive performance.

Based in Greater Philadelphia, RLI is an operating division of Business 21 Publishing, LLC

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Gerald Kolpan
Rapid Learning Institute
TEL: 484-490-9233
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