RLI COO Joins Indiana University Sales Advisory Council

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Glenn Eckard has joined the prestigious Sales Advisory Council of the Scott College of Business at Indiana University.

The Sales Advisory Council is an organization of volunteer business leaders dedicated to developing the next generation of sales professionals. Members of the Council serve as advocates for the University’s sales education program, role models for students, and advisors for the strategic direction of the Scott College Sales and Negotiations Center. As a member of the Council, Eckard recently made RLI’s Selling Essentials Rapid Learning platform available to Scott students.

“We’re very excited to have the participation of Glenn Eckard and Rapid Learning Institute in our program,” said Professor Jon M. Hawes, Scott Sales and Negotiations Center Director.” Here at the university, it’s my job to expose students to new learning resources. In a relatively short period of time, they’ve benefitted greatly from the Selling Essentials program and have told me they find it extremely valuable. Glenn is a true professional and I’ve really enjoyed talking to him and learning from him, especially regarding his expertise in the field of distance learning. We’re looking forward to Glenn’s involvement in the Sales Advisory Council. I know he’ll be a fabulous mentor for our students.”

“I’m thrilled with the opportunity for RLI to participate in the work that Jon Hawes and Indiana State U are doing,” Eckard said. “When I graduated from college twenty years ago, if you wanted to become a sales person, you got a marketing or business degree and came out not really knowing very much about sales. Now, through programs like the one John is leading, sales has evolved from being considered ‘vocational training,’ to being rightfully considered an area of true academic concentration. When today’s graduates come out of a program like this one, they’re much more prepared for the demands of excellence that will be required of them to really succeed in a professional sales position. I applaud Jon for his efforts, and I’m pleased to be a part of his program.”

Other current members of the Council include such business luminaries as Tom Hopkins, Chairman of Tom Hopkins International; Anne M. Armao, Vice president of Marketing of SummaCare, Inc., and Howard P. Stevens, Chairman/CEO of the HR Chally Group.

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) provides online training and talent development tools for businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and educational institutions in the areas of sales, human resources, management, leadership and safety. RLI’s approach is founded on the idea that talent development can only be effective if managers make it a priority and follow up to ensure that learning sticks. The company’s signature five to 10 minute modules, called Quick Takes, help managers build their core competency as talent developers by giving them the tools they need to replicate in others the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that drive performance.

Based in Greater Philadelphia, RLI is an operating division of Business 21 Publishing, LLC

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