RLI CEO Stephen Meyer spoke at the 2016 ATD Conference

Rapid Learning Institute CEO Stephen Meyer spoke at the 2016 Association for Talent Development (ATD) International Conference. The event, which was held May 22-25 in Denver, CO, was attended by more than 10,000 learning professionals.

Meyer’s talk, entitled, “The Micro-learning Revolution: A Bold New Model for Developing Talent,” was presented twice to capacity crowds, first to 400 attendees, then to 600. “I think getting nearly 10% of all ATD attendees to show up for one talk speaks to how hot the topic of micro-learning is today,” says Meyer. “People are hungry to find new models for soft-skills training that actually make learning stick.”

The French e-learning firm Ellicom conducted a survey and “The Micro-learning Revolution” was voted the top session at the event.

The key takeaway from the talk was that early adopters of micro-learning independently came up with a model for deploying bite-size learning in a revolutionary way. In contrast to legacy ILT models, which introduce multiple concepts in a single event, early adopters of micro-learning discovered a model where they’d introduce just one learning concept, then revisit it three or four times over a 21-day period. RLI codified this process and called it “The Micro-learning Cycle.” It’s a proven model for vastly improving knowledge retention and validating impact.

The ATD International Conference and Exposition is the largest conference in the field of training and development. It provides learning professionals with the ability to discover current and future trends from industry leaders and how to apply these ideas in their organizations.

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) provides online training and talent development tools for businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and educational institutions in the areas of sales, leadership and management, human resources and employment law compliance. RLI’s approach is founded on three core principles: 1) Rapid Learning. Workplace training should be delivered in short bursts – just six to 10 minutes at a time. Today’s multi-tasking workforce has neither the time nor the attention span for traditional lengthy training formats. 2) Single-Concept Learning. People learn best when training is focused on a narrow concept where learning goals are clearly defined. When training is delivered in small packets, the brain can easily absorb, remember and apply what it learns. 3) Research-Based Learning. Training is most powerful when it’s grounded in verifiable research. When learners see training as credible, they’re more likely to translate the learning into on-the-job behavior. RLI’s signature 5- to 7-minute modules, called Quick Takes, incorporate these three ideas into unique training programs that get results.

Based in Greater Philadelphia, RLI is an operating division of Business 21 Publishing.

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