Rapid Learning Launches Its New ECHO Learning Acceleration Engine

Rapid Learning, a BTS company, is excited to announce that its micro-content and learning functionality has migrated to a new mobile-first platform called ECHO.

Rapid Learning’s existing customers will find all functionality of the existing platform in a cleaner, more user-friendly interface. The mobile-first ECHO Learning Acceleration Engine is a next-generation platform that can do much more. Organizations can now take learning to a new level and tap into three hot trends driven by the latest in digital learning technology:

  • Learning Acceleration: Everything in ECHO revolves around the RL library of research-based 5- to 7-minute micro-videos – enabling instant delivery of “learning in the flow of work”
  • Immersion: The platform gives internal trainers and leaders a digital solution with tools to facilitate “Micro-Sprints,” where people focus on one learning concept until they’re mastered it
  • Collaborative Learning: Social learning tools enable knowledge sharing with peers. And ECHO’s “Two-Way Coaching” tool allows managers to share expertise in real time with direct reports.

Other core features include:

  • Assigned training
  • Usage reporting (both individual and by team)
  • Data visualization and learning analytics
  • Support materials including quizzes, discussion guides, summary sheets, etc.
  • Easy-to use authoring tools allow users to create flashcards, spot quizzes, challenges, awards and other tools to make learning stick and mark progress toward goals

Rapid Learning, acquired by BTS in January 2020, is a pioneer in the field of corporate micro-training. It is best known for its research-based approach to content. All of RL’s single-concept, 5- to 7-minute videos are based on academic and institutional research on the science of influence and persuasion. Since its acquisition by BTS, Rapid Learning has broadened its offerings to include blended learning solutions that combine micro-content with professional coaching and facilitated training.

ECHO is a BTS technology that has won multiple industry awards.

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