Don Rheem Joins RLI’s Faculty of Distinguished Thought Leaders

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI), a major producer of training and online talent development materials for business, government, education and the nonprofit sector, is pleased to welcome Don Rheem to its faculty of Distinguished Thought Leaders.

Rheem is a principal with Engagient, a boutique company that specializes in employee productivity. Engagient uses reliable and pragmatic research and feedback from employees at every level of business and industry to improve employee engagement and workplace participation.

A former award-winning White House television correspondent, Rheem is one of North America’s leading communication and engagement experts – advising U.S. Senators, Corporate CEOs and even royalty. Don delivers more than 50 workshops every year on the science of employee and customer engagement.

Rheem has designed a curriculum consisting of four “Quick Take” rapid e-learning modules on employee engagement. Each eight to 10-minute module also contains a video interview where Rheem elaborates on the research that drives his unique approach to engagement. Don will also serve as an RLI consultant on employee engagement issues.

“Don’s uniqueness is that he’s not just a tactical thinker,” says Stephen Meyer, RLI President and CEO. “His recommendations – which I find spot on – are all solidly anchored in theory. Don’s done extensive research on what makes human beings tick, and he’s distilled his findings into concrete actions that leaders can take to increase engagement and productivity in their organizations.”

“Steve and his team at RLI really get it,” says Rheem. “They’re blazing some new trails in the field of training and talent development. Their short modules are really on the cutting edge. In the future, people are going to learn using tools like RLI Quick Takes. It’s great to be associated with such a forward- looking company and I’m very excited about the kind of work we’ll be able to create together.”

RLI’s Distinguished Thought Leadership faculty brings together world-class experts in the fields of sales, leadership, human resources, compliance, education and safety. RLI exclusively chooses leaders who have achieved extraordinary acclaim from peers for innovative thinking in their given disciplines and whose exceptionally pragmatic ideas are easily understood and adopted by workplace practitioners.

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) provides online training and talent development tools for businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and educational institutions in the areas of sales, human resources, management, leadership and safety. RLI’s approach is founded on the idea that talent development can only be effective if managers make it a priority and follow up to ensure that learning sticks. The company’s signature five to 10 minute modules, called Quick Takes, help managers build their core competency as talent developers by giving them the tools they need to replicate in others the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that drive performance.

Based in Greater Philadelphia, RLI is an operating division of Business 21 Publishing, LLC

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