Sales Training with MVP Facilitated Workshops

Combine research-based micro-learning with our expert team of professional Sales trainers and you get Micro-Virtual Professional (MVP) sales training. Let our experts lead the way by using single-concept trigger videos to kick off 60- to 90-minute deep-dive virtual sessions that explore key sales behaviors. Each “Sales Acceleration” session targets specific attitudes and leads to sustained behavior change that boosts results.

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Shifting Mindsets

Overcoming self-limiting mindsets is the key to changing sales behaviors

What drives the performance of superior vs. average performers? The answer is the mindset great sellers bring to the specific sales challenges they face every day. MVP is all about transforming mindsets, breaking through barriers and promoting actions that drive revenue. Once a shift is achieved, sellers move from “Not Yet Great to Great” behaviors that will take all members of your sales team to the next level.

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Our Profressional Facilitators

Sales training experts drive experiential learning

Our coaches are extensively trained on the “Sales Acceleration” concepts that shape each MVP program. Your team will benefit from both their expertise as sales training experts as well as the perspective they’ve gained by working with top sales organizations around the globe.

MVP isn’t about passive learning. The program allows participants to provide real-time input during the session, engage in interactive breakouts for discussion and role plays to bring the training to life.

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MVP Learning Initiatives

Learning journeys that build related selling skills

Our Learning Solutions Experts (LSEs) can help identify your needs and create customized learning journeys that combine several Sales Acceleration sessions into an extended learning initiative. Journeys allow you to go deep into a given topic and achieve higher knowledge retention.

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