Diversity: Proving that it works

Mike Boyette

Some people think diversity training is a waste of time, because people’s attitudes don’t really change. Here’s an exercise that proves these people wrong.

Three Effective Coaching Strategies

Michael Boyette

Great coaches follow three guidelines for improving performance. They look at behavior, not labels; they personalize their coaching to the individual; and they’re willing to shift gears when necessary….

Four keys to delivering effective performance feedback

Michael Boyette

Use these simple techniques to conduct performance reviews that motivate employees to do better: Put the individual first, ask them to self-evaluate, create a safe atmosphere and set clear objectives….

The Key to Gaining Your Employees’ Emotional Commitment

Michael Boyette

Want to increase commitment among your workers? Start by offering hope – the feeling that something good is likely to happen. Leaders foster hope in four ways: Through their own optimism, through their action, through their personal insights and through their vision…