ADA: Sears forks over record $6 million

Mike Boyette

Are your return-to-work policies after an employee injury too strict? You might want to ask the question after a record $6 million settlement of an EEOC lawsuit.

Health plans: The cost of reform

Stephen J. Meyer

According to the Congressional Budget Office, employers — especially large ones — won’t see any dramatic increases in health insurance premiums as a result of health care reform. But the picture could change if reform drastically raises demand for medical services.

COBRA: Subsidy could be extended

Mike Boyette

Congress is considering at least three bills that would extend the COBRA subsidy for recently laid-off employees past its December 31 expiration.

When does a decision = me + them?

Mike Boyette

A decision must be made. Who should make it — the leader alone, or the entire group? Here are three questions that will help you assess the situation and do the right thing.

Making the most of meetings

Mike Boyette

The difference between a good meeting and a bad meeting is usually the preparation the leader makes. Here are four suggestions to make your meetings good ones.

Criminal past on a resume

Mike Boyette

Workplace Discrimination:Should you reject job applicants with a criminal history? Be careful how you do it — you could be guilty of illegal discrimination.