Account Management

Buyer’s Remorse: Why It Happens and How to Manage It

A study reveals the built-in reason people experience a letdown after they’ve made a purchase, why it’s not something you caused or could prevent, and a simple approach to managing this emotional letdown and keeping your buyer’s enthusiasm high over the long term.

How to Sell a Price Increase

Do buyers just assume price increases are unfair? According to research from the University of California Graduate School of Management, no, provided the news is delivered a certain way. Find out what you need to know about this critical sales skill.

Account Retention: Little Signs of Big Trouble

Why do salespeople so often miss the signs of trouble ahead with existing customers. Researchers at McGill University found that it has to do with our brain's bandwidth and natural tendency to focus on our own role in conversations. Learn a proven approach to avoid this dangerous pitfall.

Building Customer Loyalty: The Entanglement Strategy

Here’s a scary fact: A study shows that 50% of “satisfied” customers are willing to switch suppliers. To retain customers, you need to do more than just satisfy them. You need to “entangle” them. That is, find ways to lock them into your services so that the cost of switching to too high.

Managing Expectations with Unrealistic Customers: The Reverse Cold Feet Technique

Every sales person eventually deals with customers who have unrealistic expectations. They underestimate the amount of work required to complete the job, the internal resources they’ll need to support the project, and the time required to get it done. You’re eager to close the deal so you’re reluctant to challenge them too much in the early goings. But having misaligned expectations is a recipe for disaster. This Quick Take will give an approach that can help. You’ll learn how to effectively manage buyers’ expectations, have a tough talk without scaring them off, and get the commitment you need to be successful.
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