Handling Objections

How to Turn Shortcomings Into Strengths

A team of international social psychologists conducted experiments that point to an effective approach to honestly acknowledge your offers imperfections in a way that can actually add perceived value. When you get it right, you increase the likelihood that a buyer will say yes.

How to Handle “Deal-Breaker” Objections

Research from Columbia University and Hebrew University in Jerusalem found that people focus on the negative when pushed to make immediate decisions. Discover how these findings can help salespeople better persuade potential buyers who raise “deal-breaker” objections.

How to Beat Your Toughest Competitor: The Status Quo

A study from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania reveals why it’s so difficult to get buyers to abandon the status quo, and offers a counterintuitive insight into what it takes to get them to change.

Why Salespeople – Not Prospects – Are Responsible for Stalls

Salespeople who encounter stalled sales more than they'd like often suffer from a psychological phenomenon call “anticipatory regret.” Brain function measured by MRI scans show that fear of losing the sale may prevent you from asking questions you should early in the process.

How to Unseat an Entrenched Competitor

Conventional sales and marketing wisdom says we always need to show how our product are different and better than. Research shows that when trying to unseat entrenched competitors, that approach is almost certain to fail. Learn a better approach and the key insight behind it.

The Commodity Copout

Too many sales reps fall back on the “commodity copout” when a sale isn’t going the way they want. They argue, “Our product is a commodity and we have to lower our price to win the business.” Truth is, your product isn’t a true commodity and the buyer knows it. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn: why salespeople buy into the commodity copout, how the commodity copout sabotages sales, and the best way to differentiate your products and services and get the price you deserve.

Overcoming Purchase Anxiety: How to Close Buyers Who Just Can’t Make a Decision

It’s normal for buyers to feel anxiety about a major purchase, and that anxiety can jeopardize sales. Learn about research on a concept called “emotional contagion” that can cause normal, manageable anxiety – both the buyer’s and your own – to spin out of control and actually kill deals. Good news: There are ways to prevent it.

Turning Objections into Objectives

You've just finished making your pitch and the prospect serves up an objection. Your gut reaction is to respond with a counter argument. Stop right there. That instinct might cost you the sale. Fortunately, there is a way to respond in a way that turns the objection into an objective you and your customer can work on together -- and potentially net you a sale in the process. In this Quick Take, you will learn a simple technique that can help you deal with the toughest objections without being offensive, pushy or argumentative.
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