Don’t let your work-from-homers turn invisible
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Don’t let your work-from-homers turn invisible

Working from home – full- or part-time – is an established trend for employers who want to offer maximum work-life balance to their people.

But are you unintentionally stunting the careers of the people you allow to work from home? A new telecommuting survey by recruiters Korn/Ferry International suggests you might be.

In the survey, 60% of the 300+ executives surveyed said they believed working from home limited an employee’s opportunity for career growth. Out of sight, out of mind, it seems.

And these aren’t execs who hate telecommuting: 80% allow it throughout their organizations, and 94% agree it’s a key option for working parents.

Stop the disappearing acts
If you don’t want your work-from-homers to “disappear,” try these steps:

  • Program a certain number of days per month when they come to the office.
  • Make sure they attend relevant meetings, either live or by teleconferencing.
  • Keep them involved in office functions like lunches, parties and the like.

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