Who says your product is a commodity?
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Who says your product is a commodity?

Quick Quiz: Who’s more likely to commoditize a product?

A. The customer
B. The salesperson
In some cases “A” is the right answer. A small percentage of products in our economy are true commodities and price is all that matters. And there are price bullies out there who will do ANYTHING to convince you that your product is a commodity even if it clearly is not.

But “B” is the correct answer. Far more often than not, it’s salespeople THEMSELVES who unintentionally commoditize what they sell.

Too many sales reps fall back on the “commodity cop-out” when a sale isn’t going the way they want. They argue, “Our product is a commodity and we have to lower our price to win the business.” Truth is, your product isn’t a true commodity and the buyer knows it.


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