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Voiceover: The Selling Essentials Minute. One good idea in about sixty seconds.


If you want to create change in an organization, conventional wisdom says to start with your top performers. Get them to model the way and the rest will follow.

Businessman: Sales are the most important thing in this business.

Gerald: But in sales, your best performers are often an obstacle to change. When you want to introduce new technology, tackle new markets or change up territories, they’re the first to dig in their heels and tell you it won’t work.

Why? Because they’re masters of the status quo. They know how to win under the current rules. So to them, change is a threat.

So when you need to get buy-in for a new initiative, try this approach.

Don’t start with your A team. Start with your B team – good reps who haven’t quite made it to the top. They have the skills and drive to make your initiative succeed. And they’re hungry – so they’ll be open to new ideas that can help them make the A list.

So pilot your change initiative with a group of your almost-best reps. As they get results, you can bet the top reps will notice and feel the heat. And before you know it, your entire team will be on fire.

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