Have you been a victim of commoditization? Call now for help
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Have you been a victim of commoditization? Call now for help

Didn’t get that sale? Had to cut your price? Can’t get anyone to take your calls?

Hey, don’t beat yourself up over it. That’s what happens when you’re stuck selling a commodity.

Fortunately, there’s help. Call our Commoditization Crisis Line at 484-490-9215.

But be prepared for some tough love.

Because our trained counselors will tell you that commoditization begins at home – specifically, between the ears of the sales rep. If you believe you’re selling a commodity, so will your buyer. If you believe that the only way to add value is by reducing price, your buyer will agree.

But that’s not what your buyer wants. Buyers want to be convinced there’s a difference between you and the other guys. They want to believe there’s a good reason you charge a higher price. They’re just waiting to hear why your stuff is the best.

Otherwise they wouldn’t even be talking to you.

So if you think you’re the victim of commoditization, don’t blame the buyer. Don’t blame the market. Look inside. If you can’t demonstrate why your product or service is better for the buyer, it’s probably because you haven’t done enough to learn the buyer’s unique needs.

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