How to tie employee recognition to corporate goals?
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How to tie employee recognition to corporate goals?

Take the corporate recognition goals to the operational level.

What does boosting productivity or improving morale mean to an individual employee within your company?

This will be probably the most challenging part of defining or redefining your employee recognition program. You need to do the homework to figure out goals in each of these categories so that it can be rolled out consistently across your company.

What guidelines for goals could be used for a welder on the shop floor while at the same time cover an art director in your PR program? That’s what you’re challenged with in employee recognition program design.

Employee Recognition Program Goals
Most importantly, employee recognition program goals should directly tie in to company goals. Below are listed some samples here of potential goals under boosting productivity — improve performance, increase throughput, model core values.

Under improving morale, notice it’s not about throwing parties or handing out bonuses. Improving morale is about showing appreciation and recognizing behavior that is above and beyond what is expected of your employee in their normal course of business. Now, once you’ve defined your goals in each arena, then you tie your reward system in the employee recognition program to reaching those goals.

If you’re an HR professional, you probably heard about the term “SMART Goals”. If that’s new to you, Google SMART Goals and you’ll get a lot of hits on that subject. That will most definitely help you in defining your defining your program goals and then helping you to tie that into company goals.

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