Three key criteria for a high impact employee recognition program
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Three key criteria for a high impact employee recognition program

Distribution equity, fair reward criteria, and reasonable time frame are essential

  1. Ensure the employee recognition and rewards program is being used fairly
    Ensure the employee recognition program is being used and used fairly is essential. It’s really true that there’s nothing less motivating than one more motivational program that either is not utilized or rewards only go to a chosen few. So, good ways to monitor that and make sure that it’s being used fairly.

    So, this is your call to action. Form your team, eight to ten members max, review company goals and decide your priorities and your goals. Establish employee recognition program goals and do direct correlation on how they will help company goals. Do not assume that it’s obvious on how those two connect. Make sure that’s very, very clear to all involved.

  2. Determine the reward criteria for your employee recognition program
    Next, you then need to focus on determining their criteria for what will be rewarded for each program goal, establish levels of exceeding that program goal. Then you go in and you attach an award to the level by which the goal is exceeded. Next, determine how rewards will be handed out.

  3. Determine the measurement time frame for your employee recognition program
    And finally – next, establish measurement time frame and criteria. Again, we’re kind of back to that, you know, three, six-month, year – month times and types of time frame for measuring. Once you have all of these steps done, then you’re ready to present to senior management and definitely, not before. And from there, you are off to the races.

    So, this will hopefully jumpstart your employee recognition and rewards program even if you don’t have a lot of money to throw at it. I will leave you to peruse these at your leisure but I’m confident that these will spark you on great things with your program. So again, there’s really – most if not all, probably 75% to 80%, 85% or – on non-monetary rewards that you can roll out starting tomorrow.


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