The documentation shift in employee evaluation form with the Catalytic Coaching System
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The documentation shift in employee evaluation form with the Catalytic Coaching System

Employee Evaluation form need to tell the truth to all the stakeholders

Catalytic coaching is literally a system where you learn to say to somebody’s face the kind of thing you’d say about him more comfortably behind their back for the benefit of the organization as well as the benefit of that individual. Failing to have this conversation means you’re essentially failing in your job as a coach.

The forms and process
There are three employee evaluation forms in catalytic coaching process. There’s a yellow form, a blue form and a green form.

In other words, the coaching input sheet is used in the first of meeting, okay, where the employee present to the manager for 45 minutes where they’re at, where they want to go and that, et cetera. That employee evaluation form is called the yellow sheet

Within a week of the first, the manager will come in, one side, one piece of paper. It is blue and the second of the employee evaluation forms. The manager will present to the employee some feedback they will talk about, strengths, areas for improvement and development recommendations and that’s it. It all fits on one side on one piece of paper. Employees will call that the blue sheet.

And the third step of the process is where the employee takes the feedback given to them, the areas for improvement, they were given in the blue sheet and turns them into goals and use some of the development recommendations to speed stock to come up with some account items for those goals and comes back with a one side on one piece of paper – personal development plan that they’re going to use over the course of next year to improve. That’s a 15 minute meeting in which the employee is in charge, okay. The manager thumbs up or thumbs down on what they develop there. They call that the green sheet or the green meeting.
What you’re after here is you’re trying to get to the plan, okay. Once you get to the plan, we’re going to use only that plan for the rest of the year.

You’re real job is to do your job and produce for the company. With your spare time, you get to work on developing yourself. But that’s not your real job. Your real job is to produce for the company.

End up with one consolidated employee evaluation form of basically five action items you’re going to work on to improve for the course of the year.

Quarterly feedback and goals
We’re going to take the green employee evaluation form, quarterly-fifteen minutes once a quarter, we’re going to sit down say, “You told me three months ago that you were going to do these certain things. You’re going to attend the course, you’re going to read this book, you’re going to take these assignments, you were going to approach this project using the new software; you were going to volunteer to be part of this organization. Have you done it? And if you did it, how did it turned out?” Have I seen progress in the area that we talked about or not? What you’re doing is you’re showing, “Hey, I didn’t forget about these things. These things are still important, where we at in this process.”

So once a quarter, now again, what’s required of the boss? They show up. They listen. And the employee talks about what they’ve done to develop themselves in the last three months. If they don’t feel like it’s been good enough, they’ll ask them to put a greater emphasis on it or how can they help you prioritize getting some of these done.

Edited remarks from the Rapid Learning Institute webinar “No More Performance Reviews! – A Revolutionary Approach to Performance Feedback” by Gary Markle

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