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Tell more stories

A good sales story stimulates the mind and engages people to conversation, says sales coach Brian Bieler. Storytelling is an important, strategic, sophisticated sales tool. People are going to forget data and information but are unlikely to forget a good story.

Selling features and benefits is rarely enough to bring people to action. People make decisions in their minds, not yours. So paint word pictures and use stories as sales tools to:

  • Keep ideas in order and show ideas sequentially: First this happened and then that happened.
  • Point out how this or that happened.
  • Help others see why things happened the way they did.
  • Share information and to illustrate key points or principles.

Stories stimulate more stories and start conversation. You learn a lot from talking to people and when people tell you their stories, you learn even more about them. A client telling you a story is very likely the one to be telling you to write down orders.

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