Swine flu: What employers need to know
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Swine flu: What employers need to know

No one can tell you exactly how to cope with the swine flu outbreak that’s hitting most parts of the country.

Some employers do a lot of contingency planning, while others cross their fingers and hope for the best. (We don’t recommend the latter course — from a safety compliance standpoint, at least, taking no action probably isn’t a great move.)

But whatever your situation, now there’s a one-stop shop to help you decide what to do.

It’s a Q&A fact sheet issued by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. The document gives info about health insurance and flu vaccinations, as well as links to specialized websites about the H1N1 flu strain.

For safety compliance purposes, you may also want to look at OSHA’s website. Check out the agency’s guidelines on reducing employee exposure to the swine flu virus.

photo credit: Sir Sabbhat

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