‘Is that what I sound like on the phone?’
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‘Is that what I sound like on the phone?’

It’s a good idea to periodically double-check how you come across on the phone when making cold calls.

The ideal thing is to record a series of calls for later review. (Check your state laws first; you may have to tell the caller you are recording.) Key issues:

  • Are you grabbing the prospect’s attention with a strong value proposition?
  • Do you frame the call in terms of their business needs, not your product or service solutions?
  • Do you come across in an authoritative way? When you sound like an expert, it builds trust.
  • Is your voice relaxed and clear or peppered with er’s and um’s? A clear voice makes prospects comfortable.

Source: A blog posting by Kendra Lee. For more, visit www.klagroup.com

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