More action steps to slow down your selling
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More action steps to slow down your selling

Last week we offered you five solid reasons for taking your time when working with prospects.

Sales guru Kendra Lee sees the typical “get it done” B2B sales cycle as ineffective, too. She offers these practical suggestions:

  • Use two or three meetings to gather background information and understand needs.
  • Set up a meeting to review the proposal with the prospect. Don’t just send it. Go through it together in detail.
  • Schedule a proposal follow-up meeting to answer any lingering questions, which would be another time to try and close the opportunity.
  • E-mail the prospect between meetings to remain top-of-mind and continue building a relationship. You can simply remind the prospect about your next appointment, or include an article, customer success story or other useful content related to his or her issue.

It may go against your instincts to slow down, but doing so may get you to ROI faster, Lee says. Not only is it likely to increase your win rate, it may actually speed up the sales cycle because you make it easier for your prospects to say “yes,” when you’ve earned their trust.


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