Everybody knows that engaged employees try harder, do more, and create better feelings around them than their more blase co-workers.

As a manager, you have a big responsibility for the engagement – or disengagement – of your department or team.

Employee development consultancy Blessing White suggests that if you’re interested in fostering a higher level of engagement, you first ask yourself these seven questions:

  • How engaged is each team member? If you’re not sure, how will you find out?
  • What do you know about each person’s interests and aspirations?
  • What can you do to ensure they understand organizational priorities?
  • What feedback do they need to increase their performance?
  • What type of support does each team member want? If you don’t know, how will you find out?
  • How strong are your relationships with team members – really?
  • Do team members understand your personal motivation? Do you understand theirs?

Source: www.blessingwhite.com

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