For maximum brain health and function, human beings need to spend seven different kinds of time each day, according to neuroscientists David Rock and Daniel Siegel.

Are you – and your team – getting all the “times” you need? Check the Rock-Siegel list to find out:

  • Focus Time. Goal-oriented concentration on tasks.
  • Play Time. Playful enjoyment of novel experiences, spontaneous or creative activity.
  • Connecting Time. Interacting with other people, ideally in person.
  • Physical Time. Moving the body, aerobically if possible.
  • Time In. Reflecting internally, focusing on sensations, images, and feelings.
  • Down Time. Unfocusing, letting the mind wander or simply relax.
  • Sleep Time. Giving the brain the rest it needs to consolidate learning and recover from the day’s experiences.

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