Are you getting all 7 kinds of time your brain needs?
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Are you getting all 7 kinds of time your brain needs?

For maximum brain health and function, human beings need to spend seven different kinds of time each day, according to neuroscientists David Rock and Daniel Siegel.

Are you – and your team – getting all the “times” you need? Check the Rock-Siegel list to find out:

  • Focus Time. Goal-oriented concentration on tasks.
  • Play Time. Playful enjoyment of novel experiences, spontaneous or creative activity.
  • Connecting Time. Interacting with other people, ideally in person.
  • Physical Time. Moving the body, aerobically if possible.
  • Time In. Reflecting internally, focusing on sensations, images, and feelings.
  • Down Time. Unfocusing, letting the mind wander or simply relax.
  • Sleep Time. Giving the brain the rest it needs to consolidate learning and recover from the day’s experiences.

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